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‘Designer cufflinks’ are generally defined as cufflinks that are exclusive, and have the 'cachet'  of a prestigious Designer Name or Brand.

They are sometimes termed 'luxury cufflinks' and have traditionally been made in sterling silver or solid gold.   The better - more useful - examples usually exhibiting refined and long lasting design themes.


Famous Brands

A number of prestigious traditional jewellery houses offer quality sterling silver and solid gold cufflinks:

Georg Jensen, Tiffany, Bvlgari, Cartier, Chopard, Harry Winston, Hermes, Asprey and Patek Phillipe  – for example - are names that resonate with jewellery collectors and connoisseurs worldwide. 

Some cufflinks offered here are very upmarket ‘luxury’ designer cufflinks since they are often presented in 18carat gold with precious stones etc – and prices to match!   In our opinion it is unneccessary to go to such expense - particularly since some of these can be rather  ostentateous! 

However some of these houses also offer some classic and understated designs, in our opinion Georg Jensen cufflinks are excellent, and Tiffany cufflinks are also noteworthy.


Of course we rate our own cufflinks highly!  (Although the designers above have had a head start on us - some over 200 years!)

Perhaps more than any other designer/maker David Atkins specialises in  classic shapes   - utilzing sophicated curved shapes which are clean in form - and timeless in use.

Such designs are unsurpassed in complementing fine apparel!

Other well known brands include:

Dunhill, Gucci, Armani, Montblanc, S.T. Dupont , Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Ralph Lauren and Tateossian.


These are just a few of the better established genuine Designer brands.


However – with the advent of modern brand marketing - some  traditional jewellery houses now have some of their designs mass produced – in base metals - in Asia, utilising their brand to sell items.  In our opinion these have much less exclusivity or intrinsic value when compared to precious metal items. (ie Sterling silver, carated golds etc)

  • Our own cufflinks are only made in precious metals. This is fundamental to our approach


Some cufflinks are also made in stainless steel and and titanium metals. These industrial metals are just great for aircraft and boats!....And certainly more interesting than the ‘base’ metals, (ie plated: steel, zinc, brass, bronze etc) they are still not precious metals - and unlikely to retain much value - or collectability – when compared to the traditional solid silver or solid gold items.



Interestingly, ebay can offer real insight into which ‘designer cufflinks’ retain lasting provenance – ie: value, pedigree and exclusivity. This is particularly so for the older brands.  When looking through ebay be sure to specify - at least - 'sterling silver cufflinks'  -  or you'll spend hours wading through the many 1000s of items offered!

(A proviso here – beware of replica items – they have little value compared to originals!)


Handmade Cufflinks

Buyers may be seeking unusual designs – hand made or genuine limited edition or custom designs – usually supplied by designer/makers or manufacturing silversmiths.


Those persevering here can find genuinely interesting and collectable pieces - offering good value.


Local or online jewellery galleries and google are the places to search for such items you just may find a distinctive 'one off' piece you can wear with pride. Also handmade artisan online portals such as are worth exploring.


Online ‘designer collection’ cufflinks

Many other so called ‘Designer Cufflink’ brands exist.  A vast and ever changing variety of novel themes, shapes and colours are incorporated into many cufflinks online – most of which are cheaply mass produced in Asia from plated base metals. 

Often the only thing that identifies such cufflinks as ‘designer collection'  is the packaging – usually with a suitably exotic sounding name!

However, some of the better of these are made in sterling silver.  Some are relatively simple -  shapes pressed out of sheet with a standard swivel attached.  Notwithstanding this, quality items can be found  - we suggest you take time to research carefully and compare.  The criteria below may assist:



If looking for classic and genuine ‘Designer Cufflinks’ (other than our own or the famous Brands mentioned above) then we suggest you ask the following questions:

  • Are they made of sterling silver or gold?  (9ct, 10ct, 14ct, 18ct)
  • Are they signed and hallmarked items?  Are these details specified in documentation?
  • Is the designer real and their biographical details known, or the brand long established?
  • Where are they made? (There should be no need to disguise this!)
  • Do they come with signed certification?
  • Do they have any value second hand?


Answering these questions should give some insight as to the quality and authenticity of items termed ‘designer cufflinks’!