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Q:            Can I visit your Studio and view items?

A:            Yes.  We welcome visitors to our Studio – by prior appointment.  We have a gallery area where you can view all items – cufflinks and other quality giftware items in precious metals and Australian timbers. We also have a range of ‘studio specials’ – rare and one off pieces at special prices.


Q:            There are so many cufflinks out there, why choose yours?

A:            If you wear stylish suits with fine shirts and shoes; why not complement them with SPECIAL cufflinks?  Unlike many others ours are designed to complement quality apparel. They are understated enough to be worn everyday - with many outfits.       As they say   'style need not be  expensive, choose carefully and buy fewer items of higher quality!'  

  Ours are:

  • Handmade - only of solid silver and solid gold
  • Understated & versatile
  • Classic and timeless – they make a treasured gift
  • Ideal to personalise - your own monogram or message

                                                                         * For comments from style aficionados  see Sartorial Advice    

Q:            PERSONALIZED CUFFLINKS : is engraving the best way to personalize cufflinks?

A:            We think so!  It is the time honoured and traditional way to personalize jewellery.   Modern engraving involves cutting fine lines into the surface of the metal with a computer controlled diamond stylus - this is the technique we use.  (traditional hand engraving was done utilizing fine hand chisels called ‘gravers’ – it is rarely done these days)


Q:            Can all your Cufflinks be engraved?


Yes.  All those with a plain front face can be engraved on the front.       Plus ALL our cufflinks can be engraved on the back face.  Dates or endearments engraved on the back have been very popular – clearly this can greatly enhance the personalised nature of the message!   Engraving the back face is virtually unique to David Atkins Cufflinks!     See: Engraving  


Q:            What lettering looks best on engraved cufflinks?

A:            The range of fonts we offer are all admirably suited for inscribing our cufflinks.  These fonts were chosen for their clarity and elegance.   Script and Monogram fonts have traditionally been the fonts of choice – Roman and Print fonts can also look very effective – and we offer all these.


Q:            Are all your Cufflinks made in precious metals. 

A:            Yes.   We only use superior batch Sterling Silver, Solid Gold (9 carat, 18 carat) and Platinum - all refined to the highest standards in the world.  These items are cast using the traditional ‘lost wax’ hand casting technique. (Platinum casting requires very specialised equipment)


Q:            Do you actually make all your Cufflinks?

A:            Yes.  All our cufflinks are cast in our workshops from our own hand carved master patterns – using highest quality refined Australian gold and silver.  Our cufflinks are then hand ground, polished, hallmarked and despatched from our studio workshop in Blackburn, Melbourne, Australia.  All our products are hand made in Melbourne.


Q:            Do your Cufflinks have collectable value?

A:            Yes.  As limited quantity handmade items in precious metal – by an established designer/maker – they have provenance, and therefore intrinsic rarity and value.  This is likely to increase in time. Until recently, our designer cufflinks have only been available in exclusive galleries.

All our customers receive a Certificate of Provenance (proof of individual product authenticity) to ensure the value of their cufflinks will remain highly collectable.