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Sterling Silver and Carated Golds will, in time, develop surface tarnishing.   This can be easily cleaned with the ‘jewellery clean’ dips and polishing cloths available throughout the world at most supermarkets and hardware and jewellery stores:


  • Some such polishing cloths are slightly abrasive (usually blue for silver, and yellow for gold) whilst other non abrasive cloths (usually cream/white/grey colored)  are intended to be used more often to maintain a high finish (use of these is desirable)     Note that most jewellery polishes are abrasive, and remove metal.  Jewellery dips are less aggressive and therefore recomended.

  • Closed storage away from open air - for example in a box or case (or the pouches provided) - will greatly slow down the tarnishing -oxidising- that naturally occurs over time.  As mentioned above standard jewellery dips also easily remove such tarnishing.

  • Our cufflinks are presented highly polished.  Letting them rub against one another or keys or other hard objects during wearing/storage etc will slightly scratch the surfaces.  This is normal with fine jewellery (genuine precious metals being the softer metals) and can be minimized with care, and restored with polishing.


  • As with all precious metal objects, it is inevitable that over time the cufflinks will acquire a used/aged patina. (even normal fine dust is partly made up of - very hard - silica/quartz particles!)     This aged 'patina' is not to be eschewed, in the eyes of many it enhances the  quality and authenticity of the cufflinks!             see note *

  • Note that with our models that have a dark grey oxidized/recessed feature;  this can fade  with prolonged use of dips – some care will avoid this.   Alternatively, any competent jeweller can quickly renew this oxidized finish.

note *

Many maunufacturers routinely coat or plate  silver or gold with protective coatings to slow tarnishing and/or abrasion, and also sometimes to cover defects. (Typically hard plastic coatings or rhodium plate etc are used - a technique also used on cheap plated base metal products)   We do not coat our cufflinks with anything - as we believe that the real  silver or gold - being genuinely exposed to the eye - complements the  handmade quality and timeless integrity of our items.