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Personalised cufflinks are our specialty!

Also known as Engraved cufflinks,’ ‘Monogrammed cufflinks,’ and ‘Inscribed cufflinks,’ traditional personalised cufflinks are created by engraving the owners’ initials or name on the front face of a high quality pair of cufflinks.


  • Such Cufflinks have always been prestigious items –personally monogrammed items - subtlety suggesting the pedigree of the wearer.


  • They impress as 'bespoke' personal accessories – reminiscent of more elegant times!


Cufflink types:

Such cufflinks are usually high quality and often quite expensive, as they are intended to last, to be worn with pride – complementing fine apparel - and to endure as a keepsake.

Classic solid silver or solid gold items with plain front faces predominate, as these are versatile and timeless – their plain design highlights the engraving and complements evening wear and fine tailored suits and shirts!   Our cufflinks are mainly of this type – and excellent for engraving. ** see note below



Engraving involves cutting fine lines into the surface of the cufflink.  Once done mainly by hand (expensive) and then with manual machines and templates, it is now best done using computer guided diamond cutting equipment. (This is the technique we use)


Lettering styles:

Script fonts are the most popular lettering styles – usually a ‘slant’ style – but also in monogram (upright close/entwined) formats.  These styles are well suited to cufflinks.  Other fonts used include: Roman, Old English and Print  (Block and Cursive) styles which are also used for contrasting effect.

We offer all these fonts.


** Engraving cheaper plated cufflinks is not advised – these lack the ‘presence’ to complement fine apparel – and don’t engrave well – ie the base metal underneath is exposed.

***Note that there are plenty of inexpensive ‘personalised-custom’ cufflinks available online which use standard ‘badge making’ technology to produce names/logos/individually designed cufflinks etc to customer specifications.  These are essentially ‘give away’ corporate and promotional items - not relevant here.